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Rosie - Dog Coach Dylan Inverclyde
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Welcome to
Dog Coach Dylan

Based in Inverclyde, Dog Coach Dylan provides positive reward based  dog training.  One to one training available in Inverclyde and outlying areas. I have a strong background dealing with puppies, rescue dogs or dealing with anxious or fearful pets.

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Loose Lead Walking Dog Coach Dylan Inverclyde
Recall Dog Coach Dylan - puppy Training
Confidence Building - Dog Coach Dylan - Dog coaching

Loose Lead Walking


Confidence Building

Are you having difficulty with your dog straining on the lead? I can provide training to make walking your dog a pleasant experience

Is your dog failing to return off lead? I can help you work with your dog to ensure that they return when called

I can work with you to build your dog's confidence in different environments

Dog Coach Dylan Life Skills

Life Skills

I can show how to build routine which is incredibly important in a dog's life - building positive associations with everyday situations using rewarding behaviours

Dog Coach Dylan Puppy Training

Puppy Training

I can support you to give your new puppy the best start during crucial learning periods ensuring that we build a strong bond between you and your puppy

Dog Coach Dylan rescue dog

New Rescue Dog

Homing a rescue dog comes with all sorts of issues and situations. I can help with problems you may encounter and help your rescue settle

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